Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy through Hydrogen Hubs: Greater Manchester Case Study

The Hydrogen Industry Momentum

Speaking with Phil Cholerton, NovAzure’s hydrogen lead partner, earlier this year, a range of hydrogen start-ups spoke of a tremendous amount of optimism that the time for a hydrogen industry acceleration is now, with order books picking up.  Despite global economic and geo-political challenges, as a hydrogen-based business, can you deliver growth in 2022?

In the UK, Trafford Council approved plans for the country’s largest Green Hydrogen Hub. Carlton Power leads this initiative.

Despite the challenges, in the UK Trafford Council this month they gave the green light to plans for the UK’s biggest Green Hydrogen Hub, led by Carlton Power, an infrastructure development company.

Exploring Hydrogen Hubs

A Hydrogen Hub integrates hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and use. Its aim is to expedite low-carbon and green hydrogen projects. The hub’s scale could range from an industrial cluster to a region.

The Trafford Low Carbon Energy Park supports a 200 MW hydrogen project. The initial phase includes 15-20 MW installations. According to estimates, the 200 MW scheme can produce 50 tonnes of hydrogen per day and 4 tonnes per day in the initial phase. If deployed fully, the facility is estimated to have the potential to replace natural gas completely in the UK, a fact that has become increasingly important given the geo-political climate.  Other than electrolysers, the facility also includes hydrogen storage and gas compressor systems. A £300 million investment is required for the scheme to deliver green hydrogen for transportation, freight, industries, and heating networks, which would depend on the UK government’s Hydrogen Investment Package.

H2 hub graphic Image from Trafford Green Hydrogen

At NovAzure, our view is that scaling hydrogen startup business models in a hydrogen hub ecosystem provides important value chain accessibility for sustaining business growth in a growing green hydrogen market.

Please tell us about your own experiences of Hydrogen Hubs. Get in touch with Phil at to share your thoughts.

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