Akinsi’s Sustainable Solution to the EV Market

Authors: Amber Sawkins, Christopher Gruen

  • Akinsi launches an affordable and sustainable electric vehicle into the European market
  • The EV is fully homologated and will be available in Sweden, the Baltics, Germany, Luxembourg and Greece
  • The Akinsi vehicle features a swappable battery which allows a sustainable circular economy loop

Due to the massive climate change issue, more than ever we are seeing an increasing demand for EVs driven by an ever increasing consumer demand. However, the current main options in the market have their limitations whether we talk price, their inability to fit into the sustainability bracket (do we save the world by buying an expensive electric SUV?) or now more than ever: delivery delays.

Perfect timing for World EV day as Akinsi enters the European market: We at NovAzure are proud to having been a contributor for our new venture client to now launch an affordable EV giving a sustainable mobility solution, a product that will be loved by fleet customers and consumers as well as the environment.

There is a gap ready for this efficient, electric vehicle platform that offers a unique selling point making it one of the very few EVs with a swappable battery which is produced by its sister company Anodox. Having a swappable battery means when it is losing performance due to a degrading battery the customer can simply swap it out for another and the old one will enter a second life as for example a grid storage battery until it will be fully recycled. A swappable battery also means you don’t have to get rid of the car once its battery life has been depleted, instead the owner can make easy replacements and upgrades to the vehicle for continued use.

In a period when orders for EVs mount up to more than a year, the launch of Akinsi couldn’t be better timed. The Akinsi is entering the European market now fully homologated, launching first in Sweden, the Baltics, Greece, Luxembourg and Germany before going further towards the rest of Europe.

We wish the Akinsi team lots of success and are proud to be part of their journey! Click here to learn more about Akinsi

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