Anodox’s Gothenburg R&D Centre Leads the Way in Battery Technology

Continuing our mini-series about Scandinavia-based clients at NovAzure, we were glad to meet up recently with CEO, Theo Zannakis, and CCO, Thomas Walsh, of our Gothenburg-based client, Anodox.  Gothenburg has long been a central hub around mobility, based on the presence and influence of the Volvo Group and latterly, Geely. As mobility heads into massive electrification, Gothenburg is therefore transforming into a great place to locate for a battery-related business like Anodox.


Anodox’s Research and Development Hub

The company holds its R&D hub in Partille/Gothenburg, where it conducts technology research and develops testing facilities. These facilities aim to support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in scaling Anodox Group’s battery solutions for both stationary energy storage (ESS) and the broad mobility market. This mobility market includes various sectors such as cars, light commercial vehicles, mining, marine, and 2-wheelers.



Advancing Anodox Battery Technology in Gothenburg

Anodox’s R&D efforts in Gothenburg are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of battery technology. Their goal is to deliver batteries with higher energy density, improved safety, better charging efficiency and longer, regenerative lifespans. Leveraging the Partille/Gothenburg R&D hub, Anodox enhances battery technology and OEM collaboration.  Their innovations contribute not only to the growth of the EV industry but also to advancements in energy storage applications. Furthermore, promoting sustainability and resilience in our energy infrastructure.


NovAzure’s Commitment to Decarbonization

At NovAzure, we’re committed to leading decarbonization by uniting industry leaders. For discussions on energy storage and net-zero solutions, contact our specialists. Reach out to Christopher Gruen, our Managing Director focusing on batteries, at





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