As I Stood on the Edge of Finland

Looking out over a frozen seascape under a brilliant blue sky in Helsinki last week, I could easily have forgotten for a moment that global warming is a real concern as I watched some brave souls skiing across the expanse of ice that covered the bay as far as the eye could see.

We were on the ground in Finland for our work with the Convion leadership team to drive continued growth and progress in energy circularity for large-scale applications. Our client has built a formidable portfolio of IP and continues to make huge strides in solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers that are cutting edge and accelerate the transition to net-zero. 

NovAzure flys to Finland to meet Convion
NovAzure’s Philip Cholerton and Jean-Jacques Jouanna with Convion CEO Erkko Fontell

Convion solid oxide electrolyser systems are amongst the most efficient in the world (total efficiency over 80%, electrical efficiency over 60%). It is remarkable to note that it is possible to reverse the process, thereby acting as a fuel cell and that Convion fuel cell systems can run on natural gas, biogas or hydrogen, for example.

NovAzure is bringing its knowledge and experience of applying commercial best practices to help Convion to refine their commercial go2market strategy and maximise the value of their IP. We look forward to continuing our work with Convion’s Erkko Fontell, and Tuomas Hakala.


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