Our Clients

At NovAzure, we believe putting the customer at the heart of everything is key to unlock value. It means understanding their problems and aspirations to develop the right solution for them. We also help our customers to be customer-centric, developing solutions that are driven by their pain points and needs, which drives growth and customer loyalty.

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  • Mobility
  • Energy
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Our Partners

Our ecosystem of strategic partnership brings a holistic range of industry expertise, network, and opportunities

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Why NovAzure?

Proven Track Record

Proven methodology developed through experience of supporting start-ups, raising fund and driving corporates’ digital transformation in a ‘start-up’ mode

Skills & Experience

Cross industry expertise (Energy, Mobility & Cleantech), venture financing, digital transformation, strategic advisory to startups and corporates (mentorship, innovation strategy, business development)

Access to Investors, Customers & Partners

Leverage our networks to get access to tier 1 investors, customers & partners in Energy, Mobility, Cleantech and relevant adjacent industries

Customer Centric

We help you deliver real value by keeping you focus on customers (and their needs) instead of being product focus

Geographical Reach

HQ in UK, with operations in Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Nordics), Asia and U.S.

Deep Partnership

We take a personalised approach and act as a pseudo-accelerator by blending effectively start-up agility with corporate structure



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