Data Centres: The elephant in the room to achieve net-zero targets?

The Hidden Challenge of Data Centers: The Elephant in Achieving Net-Zero Targets

Did you manage to join our Green Data Centre/ Decarbonisation webinar on Wednesday 9th
November? Data centre industry experts from across the value chain shared their perspectives about the decarbonisation of data centres.

We heard insight from leaders at ST Telemedia, currently operating more than 150 DCs
worldwide; from SDCL, a leading global investor in energy efficiency for data centre
decarbonisation; Iceotope, the leading immersion cooling technology, that can enable chips
of 700W-800W; and Everimpact, enabling companies and cities to accurately measure their
carbon footprint. Phil Cholerton, Partner at NovAzure, shared a useful industry context
section, and there followed a lively panel debate.

You can re-live it, or hear it for the first time on a recording at

Please reach out us at NovAzure if you want to discuss further and share insight.


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