The Elephant in the Room: How Data Centre Can Help Us Achieve Net-Zero.

We’ve moved the date of our Green Data Centres event co-hosted with Cambridge Cleantech to 9th November, to align with the timing of COP27, which will run from 6th to 18th November in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

It’s amazing to think how the world has changed, geo-politically, since COP26 in Glasgow last year.  All the more reason for us to focus on how to balance the exploding need for more data with the net-zero, security and economic challenges of the industry.

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Did you know that, whilst the demand for data shows exponential growth amidst great pressures around carbon footprint, energy costs, black-out risks and planning restrictions, innovative solutions to these problems are coming to the market?

Expert speakers will share the latest thinking about how to address the challenges, including Jonathan Maxwell, CEO of data centre investor SDCL; David Craig, CEO of Iceotope immersion cooling technology; and Mathieu Carlier, CEO of EverImpact carbon footprint measurement IoT software. You can put your questions to our panel.

Over the last 2 years, NovAzure has worked with some of the data centre industry’s most innovative thinkers around immersion cooling hardware, dielectric fluids, total cost of ownership and investments, for greener solutions to support the transition to net-zero. We hope that you can join us to discuss the opportunities as well as the challenges. The session recording will be available afterwards. If you cannot attend, then you can submit questions for the panel now by contacting us at

If you would like to talk to us about how NovAzure supports a range of start-up, investor
and corporate clients in the data centre sector, then please reach out to our data centres
specialists: Jean-Jacques Joanna, Managing Director at and Phil Cholerton, Partner at

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