Fully Charged LIVE UK North

Fully Charged LIVE UK North event

Spent a gloriously sunny weekend in Harrogate for Fully Charged Live UK North.

NovAzure attended the Fully Charged Live UK North event, checking out the latest EV offerings from Hyundai’s Iconic 6 and the Genesis GV60 through to electric planes by NEBOair Ltd and garbage trucks by ElectraEV.

Robert LlewellynDan Caesar and the Fully Charged Live team delivered some great debates on the event stage, with a strong focus on the journey to making our homes Net Zero – insulation, solar pv, heat pumps and batteries.

Having an electric car seems to be the first step on this journey…. Plenty of support to make the journey easier and cheaper – Octopus Energy, OVO, GivEnergy, Myenergi, Mixergy Ltd, Daikin Europe and Ripple Energy.

We look forward to continuing to work with EV charging clients, to deliver innovative solutions and new business models for scaling the delivery of EV charging and improving the user experience.

Please reach out if you have any further questions regarding EVs or click the EV tag below for more of our EV related articles.


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