Hydrogen energy investment growth

hydrogenHydrogen energy investment growth is a positive stand-out once again in start-up investment league tables.  Crunchbase reports more than $1Bn in new investments in just the last 4 months. This trend continues the one which NovAzure reported in our keynote speech at the Brown Rudnick Hydrogen Pitch event in London’s Mayfair last September.

If you are a leading a hydrogen start-up, are you feeling confident about funding and scaling your growth journey?

New investment money continues to find applications in, for e.g., electrolysis for ‘green hydrogen’ production; hydrogen-based fuel applications for aviation; and, interestingly, some significant ‘white hydrogen’ investments in extraction from sources of naturally-occurring hydrogen.

Whilst energy prices have fallen in recent months, hydrogen remains an important energy carrier and storage alternative, as well as a future fuel for industries that are difficult to electrify.



Source: Hydrogen Central – Hydrogen Energy Is Getting A Heavy Infusion Of VC Funding – crunchbase


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