Unveiling the Future of Clean Energy: Morten Stahl’s Investment in Serpentine Energy

white hydrogen

Exciting news from natural hydrogen investor Morten Stahl as he reveals one of the first portfolio investments of his Natural Hydrogen Ventures fund: Serpentine Energy. This US-focused exploration company has secured substantial acreage in Kansas, marking a significant step forward in the natural hydrogen sector.


Natural, or “White,” Hydrogen is abundant in the universe, but establishing economically viable reservoirs is still in its infancy. Leveraging the extensive knowledge from the oil and natural gas industries, the development of White Hydrogen is accelerating. Unlike oil and natural gas, which take millions of years to form, White Hydrogen reservoirs can develop in just 30 to 40 years under the right conditions, such as when groundwater interacts with iron-rich minerals.


The techniques for detecting and extracting White Hydrogen are still being perfected. However, commercial success will also depend on efficient transportation methods. While pipelines could be a long-term solution, they share cost, safety, and containment challenges with Green and Blue Hydrogen. Alternatively, hydrogen can be compressed to a liquid or converted to ammonia for shipping. We are already seeing an increase in orders for large tanker vessels capable of transporting hydrogen in this form.


Could White Hydrogen be the next unicorn in the energy sector?


At NovAzure, we believe hydrogen is a crucial component of a sustainable energy ecosystem. We see our clients as potential partners who can collaborate to build profitable value chains encompassing supply, transportation, and demand. We’re always eager to discuss and explore opportunities in the hydrogen space.


Let’s connect and shape the future of clean energy together.

Source: Morten Stahl’s Announcement of Natural Hydrogen Ventures’ First Portfolio Company


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