The Perfect Storm

For the last 3 months, not a day passes without mention of Covid-19 – the bad, the ugly, and the occasional heart-warming tales of the[…]

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Impact of Covid-19 on Urban Mobility: Webinar

NovAzure participated in IdeaLondon's webinar on the impact of Covid-19 on Urban Mobility - with Christopher Gruen (Managing Director @NovAzure) as the keynote speaker and[…]

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The silver lining for mobility?

We have long moaned about congestion and pollution - though in recent years, one can definitely see more awareness and traction in the general public. […]

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Digital Palette (Part 2): Digital Transformation in Health & Biotech

Now more than ever, as the world we know is forever changed by COVID-19, we need to explore and embrace the endless new possibilities enabled[…]

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