Fuelling the Future: Highlights from the NovAzure and Brown Rudnick Hydrogen Pitch Event

The Hydrogen Pitch Event

In a world where innovation and sustainability go hand-in-hand, hydrogen has emerged as a critical constituent in the race to a greener future. This was beautifully illustrated at the recent Hydrogen Pitch Event co-hosted by NovAzure and Brown Rudnick LLP, where startups, experts and investors gathered to explore the boundless potential of hydrogen.

Collaboration often breeds faster innovation and this event was no exception. NovAzure, renowned for its innovation and venture development in the energy and mobility sectors, joined forces with Brown Rudnick, a global law firm recognised for its expertise in cleantech and renewable energy. Together, we orchestrated an event that promised to shed light on the latest trends in the hydrogen market.

Jean-Jacques Jouanna, a Managing Director at NovAzure, delivering a keynote speech at the event

Keynote Speech by Jean-Jacques Jouanna

Jean-Jacques Jouanna, a Managing Director at NovAzure, opened the event with a thought-provoking keynote speech. His presentation illustrated his passion for a net-zero future and provided attendees with a roadmap for the industry’s trajectory. His insights inspired a day filled with inspiration and vision.

Following the keynote speech, the event spotlighted startups at the forefront of the hydrogen market. These companies unveiled a spectrum of groundbreaking technologies, propositions and customer use cases, all aimed at propelling green hydrogen to new heights.






Neil Foster, Chair of Technology at Brown Rudnick, with a panel of industry experts and investors, including Jim Totty, Morten Stahl, Michelle Robson, and Matt Buntine

Hydrogen Market Challenges

One of the recurring themes at the event was the “chicken and egg challenge” that hydrogen faces. Historically, the struggle to align hydrogen supply and demand has hindered the market’s growth. However, the Hydrogen Pitch Event provided a platform for potential solutions. Attendees left with a heightened sense of optimism, armed with innovative ideas for building new partnerships and value chains, ultimately for turbocharging the hydrogen market.

Another highlight of the event was undoubtedly the insightful Q&A session that followed the startup pitches. Moderated by Neil Foster, Chair of Technology at Brown Rudnick, the panel featured industry experts and investors, including Jim Totty of Viridis, Morten Stahl of NH Ventures, Michelle Robson of AP Ventures, and Matt Buntine of Lendlease. Their probing questions and valuable insights added depth and perspective to the afternoon’s discussions.




Matt Bird and Toby Gill pitching at the event

The Hydrogen Pitch Event Winners

In the spirit of celebrating innovation, the panel of industry experts recognised two outstanding participants. Matt Bird of Supercritical Solutions was awarded “Best Presentation” for his exceptional pitch. Whilst, Toby Gill of IPG Energy was recognised as the “Most Fundable Company”. These acknowledgments highlight the wealth of talent and potential within the hydrogen sector.


The event also provided a valuable platform for networking and collaboration. The joint Brown Rudnick and Novazure’s pitch events have become synonymous with connecting emerging companies in the cleantech sector with a diverse array of investors and corporates. 


The event served as a powerful reminder that the hydrogen revolution is in full swing. Investments in the green hydrogen economy are on the rise, and innovation is the driving force behind a more sustainable future.


The Brown Rudnick and Novazure Hydrogen Pitch Event was a resounding success. It united key players in the hydrogen ecosystem, fostering collaboration and innovation. As hydrogen continues to gain momentum as a clean energy solution, events like these play a vital role in exploring new ideas, building partnerships, and advancing the hydrogen economy. 


NovAzure’s role highlights the importance of collaboration. These gatherings propel sustainable energy solutions to the forefront of the global agenda.


Congratulations to our friends at Brown Rudnick LLP, the startups that pitched and the esteemed panel of investors. The event left us excited about the limitless possibilities of hydrogen


Startups Shine Bright!


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