NovAzure & Brown Rudnick Co-host Fifth Annual Clean Technology Pitch Event

On Tuesday 15th November 2022 NovAzure co-hosted the Fifth Annual Clean Tech Pitch Event with Brown Rudnick’s Energy Transition partners Neil Foster and James Douglass.  As Neil remarked, over 100 attendees from 7 countries included 20 investment firms and hundreds of billions of funds.

NovAzure’s managing director Chris Gruen shared insights into the latest trends in Clean Tech investment and explained why Clean Tech has been dubbed “recession proof”, with investors still hungry to participate in decarbonisation, despite other tech start-ups fundraising seeing a “silent crash” in 2022.  If you would like to hear some headlines from Chris about the fundraising market then please click here.

NovAzure also supported 3 of our clients delivering compelling pitches:  Theodore Zannakis from Anodox Energy Solutions (batteries and EVs), Morten Rynning from CityQ (cargo bikes) and Lara van Druten from TWT (food waste to value), alongside 9 other great pitching companies.

Our special congratulations go to Lara van Druten, CEO The Waste Transformers, for winning the award for Best Presentation. Our congratulations also to Simon Duncan of Plastecowood for the Most Fundable pitch.

Lara van Druten, CEO The Waste Transformers, for winning the award for Best Presentation

Many thanks to the panel: Beverly Gower-Jones of Clean Growth Fund, Chris Leppard of Equinor Ventures, Fabio Greco of EthicalFin, Jim Totty of Viridis Capital Ltd and Nacho Gimenez of BP Ventures.

Chris and the other NovAzure partners would be pleased to discuss the latest Clean Tech investment trends.  We look forward to continuing the conversations we started at the event with investors and start-ups.  If you didn’t get a chance to speak with us, please get in touch at


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