NovAzure talks Sustainability and Net Zero

Sustainability and Net Zero Upcoming Events

Its a busy week, NovAzure talks Sustainability and Net Zero!

The team are delighted to be attending and engaging in three different sustainability events that are focused on impacting positive change! By participating in these events, we aim to both contribute to and learn from the ongoing dialogue around sustainable practices. It’s a chance to uncover groundbreaking solutions and innovative strategies that are shaping the path towards a sustainable future.

As we immerse ourselves in discussions around sustainability and net zero, we are excited to uncover ground-breaking solutions that will shape the path towards a sustainable future. Jean-Jacques Jouanna and Philip Cholerton will be meeting with innovative companies to exchange knowledge and build connections with and across industry thought leaders at the following events:


24th of May

Jean-Jacques Jouanna will be at Innovation Zero

25th of May 

Philip Cholerton will be at East of England Energy Group Event

25th and 26th of May 

Jean-Jacques Jouanna will be at Change Now


We believe that real change happens through collaboration. If you are attending any of these events, we would love to meet you. Let’s exchange ideas, share insights, and explore potential collaborations. Please drop us an email at, and let’s connect!


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