Christian Spies

Associate Partner – Hamburg, Germany

Christian has a strategy, finance and operations background, with extensive experience in developing and leading global operational Busines Units to profitable results in the Alternative Energy Industry. Besides his operational expertise, he brings in a wide global network and connection to executive stakeholders in the renewable energy Business. He gained this experience during in the Solar-PV and Wind- large scale powerplant sector. Besides his own Business, Christian has a Track Record of management and executive roles in the energy Industry, working for global leading Renewable Energy Developers, EPC providers and Investment funds.


  1. CEO, SolarSurge Consultancy (UK)
  2. 10+ years experience in renewable energy
  3. Global experience in Closing and Completing 16 utility-scale Ground Mount projects (>100MWp) in UK, India, South Africa and Europe
  4. Previously Sr. Manager at CONERGY Global Solutions (Global Operations)
  5. Head of Procurement at Lightsource Reneable Energy Ltd: Successful acquisition, closing and financing of 9 utility-scale Ground Mount Projects in the UK
  6. Lead engineering and Project Management for Juwi Renewable Energy Ltd (GER, UK, India, ZA).
  7. Achievements include set up of functional Business Unit in India (Bangalore, Karnataka)
  8. Development of 2 projects winning the Tender process of the 1st South African Large Scale REIPPP round


  1. Credentials: JUWI Inc.; Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd; SunEdison; Conergy Global Solutions GmbH

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