Neil Williams

Associate Partner – Sweden & UK

Dr. Williams works in the smart and digital transformation of energy and mobility: leading the invention, deployment and optimisation of innovation within electricity supply, electrification of the roads and electric heating. His expertise spans the whole energy value chain from governance down to operations. He has delivered transformation in start-up, turn-around and sustaining success situations. Neil holds an in-depth experience of IT, operations, R&D and analytics and is solid in stakeholder engagement, team building, project and change management skills. He is a conversant in marketing, energy trading, finance and accounting and while he is regular speaker and workshop facilitator at conferences and seminars, he remains a competent hands-on engineer.


  1. Knows the gnarly details of buying, selling, moving & metering electricity. His consulting clients include new entrants (e.g. Logicor Energy, Victory Ener-gy), fast-growing challengers (e.g. Ovo, One Select) and industry veterans (National Grid, Smart DCC, Ofgem). In particular, at Logicor Energy he is leading the development of a smart heating system that can leverage DSO, TSO and spot market flex events.
  2. No stranger to V2X technology having led the software engineering on VW’s multimedia concept car. Currently very active in the EV space. A strategic advisor to Uniti EV where he is directing their medium to long term R&D. In particular, he has recently submitted a proposal to the Swedish Energy Agency to carry out a V2G feasibility study.
  3. Has very strong regulatory expertise in energy supply as evidenced by his work for new entrants as well as supporting Ofgem's faster and more reliable switching programme. Has his finger on the pulse of the changing policy landscape in automotive and sustainability through his work with Uniti and other EV OEMs.



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