Philip Cholerton

Partner – UK

Philip has more than 25 years’ experience as a strategic leader within oil and energy retail and industrial businesses, and with SaaS platforms. By building successful business and marketing strategies, he has managed and grown successful differentiated brands, products and services, globally, at a major energy company. Philip has led creation and implementation of change management strategies enabling new technologies, digitalisation and processes that improved agility, productivity, accountability, and business performance/ROI. Including steering $multi-million agile change projects, delivering transformation cross-functionally including sales, marketing, operations, IT, 3rd party platform vendors and finance.Strong in all areas of the ‘marketing mix’, Philip has directed research insight with R&D and supply to develop pioneering product and service offers. He overcame objections to convince senior leaders of the business cases for exploiting new profit streams. E.g. launched Shell Helix V-Power, the first premium petrol in the UK, generating $20M margin in yr2.


  1. Philip spent more than 20 years in roles at energy giant, Shell:
  2. As Global Head of Deal Performance Digitalisation, Philip enabled unit margin growth of 5% across 18,000 deals, by leading ‘agile’ delivery of a data analytics platform to assess CRM and other data to compare ‘peer’ deal price and margin performance & identify ‘money left on the table’.
  3. In the role of Global Head of Marketing Excellence, Philip benchmarked 10 leading Marketing companies and applied what made them great to focus 1,000 Shell marketers on measurement, professionalism and business value generation.
  4. Whilst Global Marketing Planning Manager, Philip led major end-to-end changes in digitalisation and processes to increase average ROI on $400M annual budgets by >10%.
  5. As Global Brand Manager for Motor Oils, Philip increased market leadership through continuous customer engagement, insight and innovation. Including award-winning branded portfolio propositions and all-channel campaigns. E.g. Oils using Formula 1 & World Rally Car technology.
  6. As European Development Consultant for Hive9, Philip actively developed the European client portfolio of an agile and rapidly growing US-based SaaS provider of a cloud-based marketing performance management platform.



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