Richard Holdsworth

Associate Partner - UK

Richard is an experienced marketeer, innovator and product strategist. At Shell, he led the creation of a number of new digital services as well as pioneering a new approach to working with start-ups to drive innovation through an open ecosystem approach.Richard is passionate about sustainability and the need to increase collaboration in order to tackle some of society’s most pressing issues from decarbonisation and waste management to welfare and gender diversity.


  1. At Shell, led the creation of a digital incubator with the objective to identify and deliver opportunities for value creation by harnessing new technologies in transportation with a focus on maritime. Combining the strengths of internal capability with a robust external ecosystem, the team focused on innovation to improve operational performance, sustainability and decarbonisation. Over a four year period the team developed many new digital solutions which transformed the maritime service portfolio.
  2. As Global Brand Manager Richard managed a complex portfolio of more than 20 lubricant product brands sold into the marine, power, construction, chemicals and oil & gas sectors. During his time margin growth exceeded 10% and new facilities were added to enable new growth in the Asia Pac region.
  3. Prior to Shell Richard worked at Acument Global Technologies (Textron) where as the European Marketing & Business Development Manager he managed a team with responsibilities that included business development, product management, pricing strategy, marketing communications and the provision of strategic data, analytics and commercial insights to the group.


  1. Shell
  2. Acument Global Technologies (Textron)

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