Steps Forward in Industrial Scale Carbon Capture and Storage

carbon capture

It’s interesting to note reports that Equinor Energy ASA’s H2H Saltend 600-MW low carbon hydrogen production plant and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project has recently been granted planning permission by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Hydrogen’s Role in Industrial Activities


Hydrogen’s application in difficult-to-electrify industrial processes has the broad support of many leading opinion formers in greener energy circles. Whilst the UK is a major investor in wind farms for renewable energy production that could provide green hydrogen, the plan for Saltend is to deliver blue hydrogen. The process relies upon carbon capture and storage to achieve the climate change benefits required to decarbonise the UK’s most carbon-intensive industrial region.





The Viability of CCS

CCS has its critics. Some academics have said that it is an illusion that it is greener when all is taken into account. CCS at industrial scale has yet to be proven and that is why this project is going to be an important indicator of whether or not the technology can play a significant role in decarbonising heavy industries that are heavily reliant upon natural gas.


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