From a Service Provider to End-to-End Solution Provider and Marketplace Integrator

About The Client

Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) scale-up having raised Seed, Series A and B rounds, with focus on submarine survey and inspection. 

Challenges or Requirements

The CEO was contemplating a strategic pivot to offer their internal software solution with AI and 3D analysis capability. For this, he required proper market and competitive assessment including a structural framework or defined approach to implementing this new pivot.

How NovAzure help them

We prepared a strategic market analysis and recommendation – outlining the market trends, drone/AI platforms’ potential competitors, and established the company’s positioning (SWOT analysis). Together with the client, we developed an offering package that highlights the company’s USPs. Finally, we provided a methodological framework for the client to implement the new offering, including setting up a new business entity.

What value is created. 

Our client was able to convince the new strategy with the Board, and move forward quickly to finalise the offer definition and implementation plan.

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