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About The Client

A technology company providing digital tools to make renewable energy projects more competitive, efficient and profitable.

Challenges or Requirements

As a start-up in the tech sector, the client was looking for initial pre-seed funding and exposure to subject matter experts in the renewables industry to provide input and steer during their initial, early development phase. 

How NovAzure help them

NovAzure was involved from the early development stages. After a careful vetting process, NovAzure made an investment in Enian during an early pre-seed round. Applying a customer-centric approach, NovAzure provided insight and feedback in the development of its flagship project management platform with dynamic budget forecasting and robust workflow tools. This gives renewable energy firms a competitive edge in terms of cost reduction, time savings and project acceleration. NovAzure also conducted focused marketing research and facilitated introductions to potential customers.

What value is created. 

NovAzure provided investment capital to kick off the client’s initial funding round and attract follow-on investors. NovAzure’s expertise and insight allowed the client to build its initial platform close to customer requirements to keep development costs to a minimum. NovAzure’s market research allowed the client to understand the needs of their customer segments to enhance their initial sales and business development process. And introductions to NovAzure’s ecosystem brought the client to finalise their first sale. 

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