The Data Volume Explosion

Global Data Consumption Surge During the Pandemic

Whilst people worked and shopped from home due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, global data consumption exploded: rising by more than 30% in 2020 YoY. With Covid restrictions now lifted in most geographies, are you surprised that data consumption will only accelerate? What is causing this avalanche of data?

Factors Contributing to the Avalanche of Data

In 2021 alone, total internet users increased by 192 million, whilst 424 million new users signed up on social media. Accelerating internet penetration will increase demand for data-consuming hardware and software.

The adoption of 5G networks and “smart” data-hungry devices means ever more data being sent in higher volumes over shorter timescales.  Experts estimate that the number of IoT-connected devices will grow by 124% in 2030. The devices will collect, process, and manage data. For instance, in the automotive industry alone, around 13.2 billion chips were required for electric vehicles sold in 2021. This month, Tesla established a joint venture with Annex to supply chips and electronic solutions for the automotive industry.  Even internal combustion engine-powered cars typically contain 2,000 data chips.

This hunger for data is responsible of 3% of GHG emissions and expected to raise to 8% of GHG by 2030. The challenge is therefore huge and requires decisive actions to decarbonise Data Centres and Data management.

Over the past two years, NovAzure has collaborated with some of the most creative minds in the data centre industry that are developing greener solutions and supporting the industry’s transition to net-zero.

Did you manage to join our Green Data Centre/ Decarbonisation webinar on Wednesday 9th November?  Data centre industry experts from across the value chain shared their perspectives about data centres decarbonisation. You can re-live it, or hear it for the first time on a recording at

If you would like to talk to us about data centre decarbonisation, then please reach out to our team members focussed this industry:

Philip Cholerton, Partner (, and Jean-Jacques Jouanna, Managing Director (


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