The journey to Net Zero and the endless talks…

The journey to Net Zero – here we go again.

Ok, so this might be a bit of a delayed musing since COP26 ended almost 3 months ago. At the hype of things, I was in quite a few conversations where I was asked the same old – ‘was it a success or blah-blah-blah (to quote Greta). The answer is more nuanced than I would have liked. But for a change this complex, there is not a simple answer in my view. Yes, there is a lot of talks but that’s how it needs to start. We all need to hear different perspectives and concerns before committing to a pledge that is somewhat realistic with a chance of follow-through.

Thus, I find this interview and insight from TIME correspondent Justin Worland a really good summary and offered a balanced view of the outcome.

The Net Zero ambition needs to be met but many stars need to be aligned. It needs

  • Financing (eye-watering amount)
  • End-to-end innovation (efficient alternative energy sources including the wider supply chain)
  • Sound transition approach (fine balancing act between supply and demand exchange)
  • Mindset (urgency, commitment & collaboration)
  • Governance (clear set of rules, requirements and roles)

The McKinsey recent report on Net Zero transition is a good read depicting a potential pathway into the Net Zero ambition. The ‘What’ is pretty clear by now but it’s the ‘How’ and ‘When’ and ‘Who’ that needs to come together in an array of permutations.

Nonetheless, these are exciting times as time will bear witness and history will tell our stories. My team and I are lucky we are actively working together with inspiring organisations looking to accelerate the transition and create a lasting, positive impact.

Picture credits: Time magazine, Shutterstock/Olivier Le Moal


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