The silver lining for mobility?

We have long moaned about congestion and pollution – though in recent years, one can definitely see more awareness and traction in the general public.

Still, for most people it’s something that they hear, nod and probably think – it’s a problem for another day, and continue in their daily commuting frustrations. But as pointed out in the article below by @Timothy Papandreou, we should indeed see this crisis as the tipping point where all the ingredients are finally coming together. Not only will governments and companies race to understand the new normal and implement the right solutions, we now have the final winning piece to the puzzle: the end consumer and their behaviours.

Because each one of us will be only too willing to try and adopt these new solutions and change our behaviours. Not just to revert to our old lifestyles, but to elevate to one where not only are we being protected, but we are also protecting our Earth and as a bonus – finding joy in mobility again. So, where do I sign up?

But the more interesting question is: Are you up for the challenge? 

Is The Coronavirus The Transportation Industry’s Opportunity?

Article by: Timothy Papandreou


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